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Historic Third Ward
featured-image Sep 11

Beyoncé returns home to spend a day with Harvey survivors

Beyoncé who proudly reps that Third Ward, hasn’t forgotten her home Beyoncé wasn’t the only celebrity making her way to…

featured-image Aug 25

Hunker Down and Prepare for the Flood!

Image courtesy of kristv.com Houston is under a tropical storm warning and flash flood watch. Impacts from Harvey will likely begin…

featured-image Aug 21

Houstonians Can Now Buy Their Own Customized Houston Blue Tiles

Image courtesy of Craig Hlavaty The man behind a crusade to preserve historic pieces of Houston’s roadways has introduced a…

featured-image Aug 11

Come Join the Crowd at the Palm Center Farmer’s Market!

There is something special going on in HOUsoutheast! Something that’s bringing families closer, and living healthier lifestyles. Come out and…

featured-image Aug 08

Is Your Organic Farmer’s Market Certified?

Image courtesy of Healthy Diet Advisor Do you know if organic foods sold at the farmers market really are organic?…

featured-image Aug 07

New bikes bring new life to historic Third Ward

Image courtesy of Houston Chronicle Alan Moore, co-founder of 3rd Ward Tours, uses microphone and speaker to lead the bicycle…

featured-image Aug 04

Looking for a Cost Effective Healthy Alternative?

Craving fresh produce, but tired of GMO’s? Then come on out to YOUR community garden at the Palm Center Farmer’s…

featured-image Aug 03

Why Is It Better To Create A Raised Garden Bed?

Image courtesy of Jody Rogac Here is advice on how to build a raised garden bed for your backyard. Raised garden beds are…

featured-image Aug 02

Need To Know How To Get Rid Of Weeds? Let Us Tell You!

Image courtesy of Health and Love Page Weeds can be quite a nuisance in the garden, so here are some…

featured-image Jul 28

Mulching your garden makes a huge difference

Image courtesy of Ozgur Coskun/ Shutterstock Mulched gardens are healthier, have fewer weeds, and are more drought-resistant than unmulched gardens….