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featured-image Sep 20

Rice and UH Show Their Love for Houston with Uniform Upgrades

Image Courtesy of Odalis Garcia Third Ward Keeps Bayou Bucket Saturday night was the first game of the season in…

featured-image Sep 18

TMC Encourages Doctors to Create a Social Media Presence

Image Courtesy of Christina Hall Your Doctor Will Tweet You Now For doctors who want to create a social media…

featured-image Sep 13

The Brave Houston Zoo Staff Rode out Hurricane Harvey with their Animal Residents

Image courtesy of During the height of Harvey, there were about 60 staffers at the Houston Zoo who stayed…

featured-image Sep 11

Beyoncé returns home to spend a day with Harvey survivors

Beyoncé who proudly reps that Third Ward, hasn’t forgotten her home Beyoncé wasn’t the only celebrity making her way to…