Business & Economic Development

To achieve its goals of promoting, developing, and encouraging opportunities for residents and businesses in the area, Houston Southeast is moving forward on a number of projects that are vital to the community’s well-being. These illustrate the commitment to fostering growth and making neighborhoods better, safer, more visible, and even more beautiful. They include:


Community Gardens and Farmers Market

Houston Southeast is the sponsor of Blodgett Community Gardens and the Park at Palm Center Farmers Market and Community Garden. The goal of the farmers market and community garden is to create an avenue for residents to purchase sustainable and low-cost produce in the District.

Community Job Fairs

Houston Southeast partners with Grocers Supply and other local businesses to provide job fairs for the community.

Small Business Workshops

Houston Southeast host workshops to provide procurement and other opportunities to business owners within the District.


Texas Medical Center Partnership

Houston Southeast has partnered with Texas Medical Center to collaborate to allow underserved individuals the ability to gain the skills, knowledge and networking needed to find living-wage jobs in the medical industry.