Ï About – Houston Southeast


Houston Southeast was created to preserve the history and heritage of one of the city’s most vibrant communities while enhancing opportunities for those who live and work here.

In many ways, we are a reflection of Houston itself, an area where diversity, prosperity, promise, commerce, neighborhood pride, and social equity all converge. And as we move confidently in the direction of the District’s future, we never lose sight of our rich past.

We’re the hub of education, the home to museums, and the heart of small business growth. We’re close to the world-class Texas Medical Center, easily accessible to downtown, and convenient to parks and nature trails. And we believe that quality of life, quality of identity, and quality of purpose go hand in hand.

To achieve our mission, the District focuses on a number of critical goals. These include:

  • BUSINESS & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Provide services and information that will stimulate business growth.
  • MARKETING, PUBLIC RELATIONS & PERCEPTION ENHANCEMENT: Enhance the image of the District and promote businesses throughout.
  • ENHANCED PUBLIC SAFETY: Create a secure environment that allows businesses, commercial property owners, and residents to fully enjoy the District’s unique benefits.
  • TRANSPORTATION & LOCAL MOBILITY: Provide for easy access to, from, and within the District.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL URBAN DESIGN & VISUAL IMPROVEMENTS: Enhance the District’s image and amenities.

By successfully pursuing these goals, we will build upon the unique legacy that has defined us today, and ensure that it remains at the heart of who we are, what we do, and how we dream tomorrow.