Service Plan

We will build upon the unique legacy that has defined us today.

Vision and Mission of the Service Plan

The Board reaffirmed the Mission Statement to guide its efforts as it continues to develop, refine and implement specific projects, programs and services outlined in this Service Plan.

The mission of the District is to establish and implement projects and programs to:

  • Enhance and promote the image of the District;
  • Create a desirable area to attract more businesses, investments, and residents to the District;
  • Provide services and information that will stimulate business growth in the District:
  • Provide for easy access to, from and through the District; and
  • Create a safe environment for businesses and residents in the District in order to increase the revitalization and spur the redevelopment of this mixed-use urban area for all property owners, residents and tenants.

Download a copy of the 2019-2028 Service and Improvement Plan and Assessment Plan* here.