We will build upon the unique legacy that has defined us today.


Jerry Davis

General Manager / Hawes Hill & Associates
[email protected]

Oletha Miller Jacobs

Managing Director of District Administration, Services and Improvements
[email protected]

Nikki Knight

Program Manager
[email protected]

Board of Directors

Alan D. Bergeron

Position 1

Sharone Mayberry

Position 2

Jonathan Howard

Second Vice-Chairman
Position 3

Hexser Holliday, II

Position 4

Charic Daniels Jellins

Position 5

Janice Sibley-Reid

Position 6

Rickey Jimenez

Position 7

Abbey Roberson

Asst. Secretary
Position 8

Alton Hudson

Position 9

Cydonii Miles

Position 10

Karen Carter-Richards

Position 11

Chris Hageney

Position 12

Dr. Teddy McDavid

Position 13

Brian G. Smith

Board Chairman
Position 14

Dr. Abdul Haleem Muhammad

First Vice-Chairman
Position 15

The Greater Southeast Management District Board of Directors meet on the Second Wednesday of each month at 12:00 p.m., at 5445 Almeda Rd, Suite 502, Houston, Tx 77004.

Elected Officials

State Senators

John Whitmire – Website
Paul Bettencourt – Website
Joan Huffman – Website

State Representatives

Lacey Hull – Website
Penny Morales Shaw – Website
Jarvis Johnson – Website


Lina Hidalgo

County Commissioners

Lesley Briones – Website
Tom Ramsey – Website


Sylvester Turner – Website

Council Member

Amy Peck – Website

U.S. Congress

Dan Crenshaw – Website
Sheila Jackson Lee – Website