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Graffiti Abatement Request

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: To complete the fillable PDF form to request Graffiti Abatement, first download and save to your desktop before filling in required fields.

E-mail PDF of the completed form to [email protected]


Right of Way Maintenance

The District Landscape/Hardscape Maintenance and Repairs project is to repair any enhanced design elements and to provide standard maintenance to enhancements throughout the District. The scope of services includes tree trimming, mosaic tile, and paver repair, park seating, minor electrical repair and lighting are amongst some of the items that will be addressed in this project.

Graffiti Abatement

Graffiti abatement is a joint effort between The District; The Greater East End Management District; police department; community members; and various public services to eliminate graffiti vandalism. In an effective graffiti abatement program, hot spots – areas frequently targeted by graffiti vandals – are checked regularly,

See top of page for Graffiti Abatement request form and submission instructions.


Median Beautification Project

Houston Southeast maintains medians in several corridors throughout the district. Currently, the District is focusing their efforts on enhancing the medians at the east and west side of SH288/Southmore. Portions of these medians will be completely demolished and new cobblestone and plantings will be added. Houston Southeast has hired Von Younger construction to reconstruct and redesign the medians along SH288/Southmore.

Neighborhood Greenways

This project, a collaborative work between the Greater Southeast Management District, community organizations, residents, and governmental agencies produced a community accessibility project focused on bridging connections between Park at Palm Center and MacGregor Park by developing a network of pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure.