Ï Board of Directors – Houston Southeast

Board of Directors

Alan D. Bergeron
Position 1

Sharone Mayberry
Position 2

Jonathan Howard 
Position 3

Hexser J. Holliday II
Vice Secretary
Position 4

Charic Daniels Jellins
Position 5

Sadie Rucker
Position 6

Shawn W. Cloonan
Position 7

Jaa St. Julien
Second Vice-Chairman
Position 8

J. Peyton Elliott
Position 9

Cydonii Miles
Position 10

Zinetta A. Burney
Position 11

Chris Hageney
Position 12

Dr. Teddy McDavid
Position 13

Brian G. Smith
Position 14

Dr. Abdul Haleem Muhammad
Position 15

Karen Carter Richards
Position 16

Janice Sibley-Reid
Position 17


Public Notice: Resumes from persons interested in serving on the Board of Directors of the Greater Southeast Management District are solicited.  Please indicate your interest by contacting Oletha Jacobs, Administrative Services Manager via e-mail at oletha@ostalmeda.com, no later than March 31, 2019.