October 27, 2017

Houston Southeast Hosts 3 of Top 6 Texas Universities Producing Highest Graduate Salaries

With tuition costs rising in recent years, making the right choice for college has become more difficult than ever. One of the most objective ways to see which higher education institution is worth attending is by seeing how much its students make after graduating.

Using tax records of federally aided students, the U.S. Department of Education calculates the average earnings of college students after they graduate. The data, called College Scorecard, provides a no-nonsense view of which colleges best prepare students for future employment.

While some schools high up on the list are no surprise, like Rice University, the data reveals that even colleges with little difference in tuition can have students with wildly different salaries after graduation.

See original source showing which Houston colleges have their alumni earning the most after graduating.

Article By Fernando Ramirez, Chron.com