Business Spotlight: The Doshi House

We sat down with Houston Southeast business owner, Deepak of The Doshi House for a few questions about this Third Ward gem.

Can you tell people where to find you?

The Doshi House is located at 3419 Emancipation Ave. Houston, Texas 77004. You can find me online at Also on social media, on Facebook and Instagram.

What attracted you to the District (Houston Southeast)?

I wanted to keep legacy alive. Historic Third Ward is a collective of artist, businesses, residents, and sustainability. The people here are loyal and unique. Residents & visitors shouldn’t have to drive to Rice Village, or the Galleria, or Montrose. We have and can have the very same things right here; this is a great place to be.

What is the future of Doshi House?

Since my background is in Finance I have a little more experience that helps me balance all of the things that come with owning a business. I know how difficult it can be for entrepreneurs, and even small business owners and I want to create a space where all people are welcomed and where people can collaborate and get started. I plan on hosting events on the weekends, with local business owners and entrepreneurs. I want Doshi to be an incubation for pop-ups –all kinds.

We are currently looking for employees (hostesses, baristas, kitchen management, and staff).

What will your new space be used for?

Of course, it is a coffee shop. But with my new vision and infrastructure, Doshi House will be a mixed-use space used for working, studying, relaxing, artistic collaborations, music performances, meetings, yoga/meditation, events.

What sets Doshi house apart from any other “coffee shop” in Houston?

Well first of all this is a 90-year-old historical building, the only original space left standing on these four corners. I kept the original building and it’s original infrastructure, of course with some minor renovations and updates. It even includes it’s old drive-thru window, now as a pick-up station for outdoor orders. We are all-natural; this space is surrounded by edible plants that are grown in the outdoor space which produce oxygen for clean and fresh air for my patrons, and they will also be used as ingredients for meals and beverages.

With the renovations going on and a soft opening approaching, what are your hours of operation?

Our trailer is open from 8 am – 3 pm, serving vegan tacos & drinks. The Restaurant is not open yet, I do not have a set date but there will be a soft opening soon. Tentative hours are 7/week, 7am-8pm(open late for weekends & special events)

Check out The Doshi House on Facebook to stay up to date. Visit for all other announcements and news!

Contribution: Kendall Thompson

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