August 25, 2017

Hunker Down and Prepare for the Flood!

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Houston is under a tropical storm warning and flash flood watch. Impacts from Harvey will likely begin today and continue through the weekend for the greater Houston region. Public Safety officials encourage residents and businesses to prepare for a major flooding event. The City of Houston is currently at a Level 1, which represents maximum readiness including a collaboration of fire, law enforcement, flood control and weather partners.

Hurricane Harvey is expected to hit the coast of Texas Friday, August 25th

Businesses and residents of Houston Southeast should be prepared to stay inside and off the streets. Houston Southeast cares about the vitality of our businesses. Please feel free to provide updated information using @HOUSoutheast in your post to be shared throughout the community.

If you live alone and/or need rescue services, contact 311 now to place your name on the emergency rescue list. The City of Houston has several high-water rescue trucks and will perform high-water rescues as necessary in the event of an evacuation.

You can monitor existing current conditions at:

Steps to Take to Get and Stay Prepared for Your Business and Your Home
1. Ensure your family has five to seven days worth of food, water, and supplies.

  • This includes enough prescription medication to get you through this period, in case pharmacies and doctors’ offices are closed.
  • If you have seniors, children, pets or other people special circumstances, make sure their individual needs are met.
  • Be sure you have a way to stay informed even when the power goes out, such as a battery-powered or hand-crank radio.

2. Develop a family communication plan, so that you know who to check in with after a storm. Visit for more information on how to do this.Monitor current conditions with the National Weather Service, and the National Hurricane Center.

3. Know how to turn off your utilities; this includes electricity, water, and gas. Only turn off gas if instructed by local officials, or by CenterPoint energy. For safety tips from CenterPoint, visit

4. Move vehicles away from low-lying areas, such as neighborhood streets that are prone to flooding.

5. Ensure that street drains are clear of debris. Also, secure items that might float away in heavy rain and become lodged in drains. This can cause additional flooding.

6. Ensure that street drains are clear of debris. Also, secure items that might float away in heavy rain and become lodged in drains. This can cause additional flooding.

Houston Southeast Encourages our businesses and residents to stay safe and at home as the water rises. We advise that you watch or listen to the local news for ongoing updates.

Find Timely, Accurate Information and Local Resources Online
The Regional Joint Information Center (JIC) is your best source for timely and accurate information when emergency conditions exist in the greater Harris County area. The JIC is a collaboration between regional emergency management partner organizations designed to recover from the effects of natural and man-made disasters.

Helpful Tips During a Flood

  • recommends you follow these tips to ensure your personal safety:
  • If flooding occurs, go to higher ground and avoid areas subject to flooding.
  • Do not attempt to walk across flowing streams or drive through flooded roadways.
  • If water rises in your home before you evacuate, go to the top floor, attic, or roof.
  • Listen to a battery-operated radio for the latest storm information.
  • Turn off all utilities at the main power switch and close the main gas valve if advised to do so.
  • If you’ve come in contact with floodwaters, wash your hands with soap and disinfected water.

Please be safe and take care!

Brian Smith, Chairman
Houston Southeast